Alexander McQueen’s Legacy Continues

The Ice Queen and her Court

With a background in fashion, I can’t help but pay attention to New York and Paris’ fashion week.  As I view the shows from the comfort of my home computer, I can only dream of sitting front row along Anna Wintour and Rachel Zoe in complete “ahh” of wearable art.  This year in particular, one show stood out- Alexander McQueen (Fall 2011).  Sarah Burton can rest assure her vision was loved and appreciated by the masses.  There was an edge to classical pieces found in the mostly light-colored collection.  Although most of the couture outfits will be seen in editorials and not on the everyday gal, there were a few white gowns that channeled the look of a wedding gown.  I loved them and wanted to reach into my screen and take them.  Sadly I couldn’t, but any chance I can borrow look #28 for when I renew my vows?

Sincerely, Kymberly

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